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Speed Elixir



Watch Speed Elixir Reveal Trailer Here.


“Speed Elixir” is an open world racing game that coming to PC in December 2016.We also plan to bring it to consoles at the same time but release date may be different.

“Speed Elixir” is an Arcade game about driving fast and Drifting at corners. This game inspired by best games in this genre like “Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit” and “Need for Speed Rivals” but it added new gameplay elements to this formula. The result is an engaging gameplay for hardcore players and an enjoyable experience for casual gamers as well. Right now it has more than 15 types of game play but this may change after QA testing and we may remove some of them if we feel they are not as fun as we think.

“Speed Elixir” is under development since 2013 by “Electro Phantom Games” studio and it powered by “Alpha Beast” engine.

“Alpha Beast” engine is designed from scratch by “Electro Phantom Games” to address the challenges of this project. It’s a modern engine designed by Multi-threading in mind as an essential requirement for next gen gaming. The modern design of “Alpha Beast” engine allowed us to use the true power of current hardware and using the latest technologies like HDR Lighting, Physical Based Rendering, Day and Night cycle, Dynamic Weather and etc. to enhance the gameplay experience by high quality graphics.

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