“Speed Elixir” is an OPEN WORLD racing game and an UNLIMITED driving experience. You decide how to play “Speed Elixir”: drive as fast as possible and become a professional driver or just enjoy yourself driving your dream car. YOU ARE IN CONTROL.


Vast open world map:

There is a vast open world map to explore. Mountains, desert, highway etc. Drive your car in various locations and test your driving skills in different road conditions.


Taking advantage of the power of modern hardware and using the latest technologies like HDR Lighting, Physical Based Rendering, Day and night cycle, Dynamic Weather and more – we bring the ultimate graphics quality to your gaming experience.

Engaging game play:

Race, time trial, hot pursuit and 15 more. You can always find a new activity to do, or you can drive your dream car and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Enjoyable driving experience:

We tried hard to make an enjoyable driving experience in “Speed Elixir”. If you like to DRIVE FAST and DRIFT at corners then you will love this game. The responsive handling model of vehicles allows everyone to push any vehicle to its limit. The driving model is fun, easy to learn but hard to master.

Seamless multiplayer:

Seamless Multiplayer allows you to play online with other players without leaving your gaming session.There is no lobby or waiting list. If you want to play alone, there is no problem. You can turn off the multiplayer option any time you want without leaving the game.

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